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NewGirl – No sex at all

Is that what I want?

Just imagine a world where you can't have sex - even if you feel like it. No sex at all! Hard to imagine, isn't it? I mean, I’m careful - but seriously, what's the point of having things like condoms and contraceptives if you can't make use of them?

Sex is a form of bonding in relationships. It even lowers stress levels. So why would you give that up and live like a nun or a priest?

The truth is that abstinence does have its benefits. It sure keeps you safe from sexually transmitted nasties -100% safe 100% of the time, each time and every time (at least as long as you stick to it).

Abstinence also means you don’t have to have that conversation with your partner; you know the “no dear, I don’t feel like it tonight” or the “did you bring a condom?” conversation. Abstinence keeps things simple.

Condoms are 98% safe when used properly each and every time you have sex. But what if it slips or breaks or you don’t have one? Abstinence prevents you from falling pregnant. All the time. It saves you from the emotional ups and downs that come with having sex, too.

As far as I’m concerned, abstinence is cool!

When I meet someone new, I put sex on ice until the relationship is rock solid before I agree to having sex. Abstinence is a choice I make for my happiness, not something terrible I’m forced to do.

There are so many other ways to be sexual other than sexual intercourse. Try them first. Wait until you are ready to have sex.


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