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Awkward Conversations: Need Help?

Don't Keep Quiet About a Problem.

Asking for help about a problem that comes from sex can seem embarrassing or impossible. You may be worried that you will not be taken seriously, that you will betray someone’s trust if you tell anyone or that nobody will believe you. You may feel scared that you don’t have anyone who can help or that asking will make the situation worse.

You are not alone! Not wanting to tell anyone is common when it comes to embarrassing, personal or sex-related problems. Some girls ignore a pregnancy because they don’t know what to do or feel ashamed or guilty. Guys ignore a rash or a itch rather than get it quickly treated at the clinic. Girls may be worried about their menstruation or have a concern about their body. A child who is abused by an uncle may keep quiet because they are scared it will cause trouble in the family.

Even small problems can cause big worries. But all problems, big and small, can most often be dealt with or managed.

But nobody can help you fix a problem unless you tell someone what is going on. You can go to an adolescent clinic and chat to the nurse, without telling your parents. You can tell a friend, your parents, a trusted and dependable member of your family, a trusted neighbour, a teacher, your pastor or church elder. If it is serious, you can go to the police.

Worried about your sexual health? Most problems can be deal with. Visit a health facility near you and speak to a health worker or find the youth corner. They can help and will keep your visit confidential.


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