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How To: Beat a Bully

Try These Tricks

Finding a way to get through being bullied may take time and patience. Unfortunately it happens to a lot of people so you are not alone. You are going to have to find a way through and see what works.

Try some of these tactics:

Ignore them! Bullies want a reaction. You might be shaking inside but if you look calm and unshaken and you simply laugh or walk away, the bullying may not be so fun and they may eventually stop.

Hang out in packs! You’ll be safer if you’re surrounded by your friends.

Avoid them! Don’t let them catch you alone.

Leave what they want behind! Do they want your phone, homework or money? Leave it behind so they have no reason to bug you.

Record them! Try and record some of the things they say or do to you on your phone. That way you can prove that you’re being hurt and this might scare them off.

Bullying is not okay and you need to tell a teacher or another adult. They may be able to help you without the bully knowing you told on them. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them and help stop the bully by recording or informing a teacher or a trusted adult.

Need to talk to someone now? Call Childline on +264 61 226 889 or visit their Facebook Page.


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